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Cycling in Bolton

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Leverhulme Local Nature Reserve.




Access to Gorses Road.



Bridge over St. Peter's Way.


Path to Cycleway

Access to Cycleway behind Police Station.

Route 55 crossing outside Royal Bolton Hospital.

Route 55 crossing outside Royal Bolton Hospital.

Route 55 crossing outside Royal Bolton Hospital.

Route 55.

Route 55.

Approaching Colchester Drive.

Path in Cutacre Park.

Seems like a metaphor for Bolton Council's attitude to cycling. The red sign represents the (evidence-based) officers and the blue one represents the (social media-based) Council Executive.

Just to respond to older comments, this nice bridge now has a fully protected bidirectional cycleway for people to use.

Very nice new bi-directional cycleway alongside Newport Street that enables cycling between Trinity Street and Great Moor Street. Newport Street is one-way for motor traffic so this is a very welcome addition, especially as it connects dir ... [more]

This might have been better as a continuous footway, but only buses enter here, and from one direction. The cycle lane enters a pedestrian area on the other side so I don't think much has been lost.

Bolton Council seem to have run out of stripy paint and lit poles for this.....whatever it is.

The new CYCLOPS junction at Bolton Trinity Street. This has made navigating this junction much safer. Unfortunately there are no sensors to detect the presence of bicycles, and users have to press a button to cross/turn. This is imposs ... [more]

The new cycle lanes along Chorley New Road, ending prematurely at Beaumont Road. This is a major junction and cyclists should be given protection here. Ed (simon) these lanes are being used for motor vehicle storage, see: https://twitt ... [more]

New wider wand-protected cycle lanes installed along Chorley New Road. Unfortunately as of uploading this image, they end at Beaumont Road.

Bolton Greater Manchester . Are providing all full time students with the use of a bicycle next semester. https://twitter. ... [more]

Watch your tyres! Kids are always hanging around under here, which explains the broken glass everywhere and litter all over the cutting.

I'm hoping this gate prompts the removal of the barrier beyond, but Bolton have a love for barriers of all kinds so I wouldn't be surprised if both remained. They are both completely unnecessary and stupid. Ed: also both are likely to b ... [more]

The irony of this sign is that behind me, when I took it, were several giant fairground rides blocking about half the width of the pedestrianised street. What's the objection to people scooting along? How short-sighted of Bolton Council.

New cycleway across Cutacre Country Park. Loose gravel surface so be careful when turning.

A pleasant place to be although I have some reservations about the surface treatment. Gravel does not equal "countryside". This is a wholly man-made environment and therefore, concerns about sealed surfaces looking too "urban" should be i ... [more]

This cycleway is fast becoming unusable due to water damage. A sealed surface here would have ensured that the path remained in perfect condition. Why skimp on such things if you're just going to have to repair them later?

This cycleway is quickly being eroded by water. This is why we should use sealed surfaces on cycle routes - not gravel.

In the photograph I'm on the cycle path looking north. To continue I have to turn and cross the road, then turn again. Why can't the cycle path simply run across on a diagonal line to cross at the same point, with simple markings to alert ... [more]

This lane is inadequate as motorists regularly encroach on it as they round the corner. A simple bollard on the corner would solve this immediately.

A protected bypass has been built here, although it might have been better if it remained protected the closer one gets to the bridge (see the photo on the corner).

An excellent example of how to build a safe environment for all. This design is used on the north side of the bridge too.

An example of an angled kerb used to gain access across a footway, rather than dropping the footway to road level. This is much better for pedestrians, who have a more level surface to walk across, and makes it less likely that they will f ... [more]

The path here is being improved (this is not the final surface), but a new drainage system has stopped it from being permanently flooded. The route from Ringley Road to Nob End will, shortly, be completely rideable.

New compacted "centrak" surface makes this formerly impassible towpath now cycleable.

A new compacted surface and relaid setts makes this arm of the canal now easily cycleable.

More pointless anti-cycling furniture

Perhaps someone at the council has a business making these barriers?

Yet more stupid obstructions on this route. Why are they here? Why not use bollards of the type seen behind the kissing gate?

More ridiculous obstructions along this otherwise good cycle route.

Nice wide track here making it safe to cycle around this corner. It used to be very slippery and rutted here.

New track surface through the breached section of the canal.

Cyclists once had to dismount here if travelling east, but now the track has been raised to meet the coping stones.

New towpath surface, Centrack

Cyclists enjoying the new towpath surface

Setts being relaid during construction of a new towpath surface on the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal

This is an official access to the Middlebrook Valley Way, signposted as a cycle route from Chorley New Road and Armadale Road.

Proper cycle parking needed at Bolton Morrisson's - not just a few wheel-benders.

Route from shopping centre to Bolton train/bus interchange - not much improvement needed to make this a decent cycle route.

Route from shopping centre to central Bolton - not much improvement needed to make this a decent cycle route.

Route from the centre of Bolton to shopping centre - not much improvement needed to make this a decent cycle route.

Cycle parking needed at Bolton Art Gallery, Library and Museum

Horrid North American-style cycle parking by Bolton Town Hall

Route from the pedestrian shopping area of Bolton to the bus/rail interchange - surely there's room for a cycle track on the left.

Crossing to the pedestrian shopping area in Bolton

Cycle/pedestrian crossing needed for this route beside the railway north from Bolton station.

Striking new bridge between Bolton station and the town centre - couldn't a separate cycle track have been included?

Three types of cycle parking on the platform at Bolton station.

Secure cycle parking on the platform at Bolton station

Alternative route available to avoid hellish Astley Bridge junction, but requires going past a no-entry sign further on.

Bad road layout. Cyclists near the kerb can get cut up by motor vehicles turning left.

Very dangerous cycle lane. 90% of motor vehicle drivers cut the bend, driving over the cycle lane at the apex. Cyclists cut up in the cycle lane.

Awkward cycle lane arrangement.

Awkward side road junction. Busy due to Aldi and estate, often get cut up when there are cars waiting to turn on left and right.

Nasty cycle lane leading to junction. If you use it, you frequently get left hooked at the junction or cut up on the other side of the junction where the lane is narrow with no cycle lane.

Junction across the brow of a steep hill, through a blind bend. Drivers often overtake despite no visibility of oncoming traffic, even when cyclist in primary position. Danger of being cut up if an oncoming vehicle appears.

Steep uphill on a narrow road that is a major route into town centre. Drivers tend to pass close to slow moving cyclists.

Bad cycle lane in poor road position in conflict with Bikeability advice. Awkward lane width encouraging close passes.

Bad cycle lane between two lanes of motor traffic changing lanes, bad road position in conflict with Bikeability advice.

Stupid cycle lane: too narrow, through traffic light, bad road position in conflict with Bikeability advice.

Bad road. Cycle lane too narrow (despite plenty of room), through door zone of parking spaces, with broken tarmac, in bad road position. Frequent aggression from drivers when riding in primary position.

Approaching "inner box" of one-way system.

Blackburn Rd approaching junction with Topp Way. Silly cycle lane contradicts Bikeability advice.

Approaching Bolton.

Short cycle lane on approach to Bolton

Complex junction at the bottom of Blackburn Rd

Complex junction at the bottom of Blackburn Road.

Unmarked but used as 2 lanes in either direction.

Staggered junction.

Blackburn Rd (A666) junction with Water Meeting Road.

Astley Bridge junction (A666 Blackburn Road with Ring Road - Moss Bank Way & Crompton Way).

Free car parking on right but no cycle parking.

Busy road with 2 lanes is either direction.

This bridge, crossing the m61 to link two offroad pathways, has a flat section of concrete at the side of each stairway, enabling a bicycle to be easily pushed up or down. This may or may not be intentional, it could be for drainage purpo ... [more]

Major path through Leverhulme Park. Other sections closer to Long Lane have been renovated with smooth asphalt recently, all shared use so not best practice, but wide enough (about 4 metres) that it doesn't cause many problems. Though thi ... [more]

First day out on the bike

Watch out for the poorly signed barrier at the Lostock Arms. Don't approach at speed. You are able to pass around it on the left hand side, from the bridge end.

Bike Lockers at Bolton Station

Basin at Nob End

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